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EconomicClusters App

By measuring patient economic status in trauma registries, researchers can track the success of interventions aimed at improving outcomes after injury and access to trauma care for poor communities. Simple economic metrics like income have been shown to be inadequate for measuring economic status in the largely non-monetary economies of many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Download and use our free EconomicClusters App (instructions below) to generate a population-specific metric of economic status that optimally classifies individuals within a specific country into economic groups based on only a few of the economic indicators used to generate the Demographic and Health Surveys Wealth Index. You can then use this metric to measure patient economic status in your LMIC trauma registry.

Please also download and view the PowerPoint and the accompanying journal article (instructions below) for more information and feel free to email Lauren Eyler, MD, MPH ( with any questions.

To download the EconomicClusters App, the PowerPoint Presentation, and the accompanying journal article, please click here. A Box folder with downloadable versions of both the Mac and Windows versions of the App, the PowerPoint Presentation, and the journal article will open up.

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