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About Us

We are a center dedicated to leading and supporting academic global surgery.

Our Vision

  • To develop and conduct rigorous, high-impact, collaborative research aimed at improving access to high-quality surgical care in low-resource settings globally
  • To partner with organizations in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to identify opportunities in research and education
  • To conduct epidemiological studies to understand the true burden of surgical disease
  • To implement and test interventions collaboratively based on the needs of low- and middle-income partners
  • To inform policy with the goal of directing resources commensurate with the burden of disease and cost of interventions
  • To train the leaders in academic global surgery and lead the field in professionalizing global surgery 

Our Values

The Center for Global Surgical Studies will support the use of established academic pillars (research and education) to create meaningful change in access to surgical care and by reducing the surgical disease burden in LMICs. Center activities are founded on:

  • A spirit of true collaboration—both at home (UCSF) and abroad
  • Evidence-driven policy and intervention
  • Context-appropriate studies and interventions
  • Activities with integrated capacity-building components to strengthen research and education both at UCSF and in LMICs

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